Friday 5 April 2002
Péntek, Április 5

Time Event Location
09:00 The world ofArchimedes'
-performance by Graz International Bilingual school
09:30 Digital Textbox in Physics'
-presentationby Hugo Larsn (Norway)
10:00 A Seismic Workgroup'
-presentation by Urich Armdt (Germany)
10:30 Coffe Fairarea
11:00 Fair session
and VIP visit

-including guests fromtheEIROFORUM organisations and national education
and science ministries
Fair area
12:30 V.I.P addresses to participants and questions from the media Auditorium
13:00 Lunch Fair area
14:00 A Restaurant at the end of the Univers
- Perfomance by astronomica observatory Varna (Bulgaria)
15:00 Coffe Fair area
15:30 Dismantling of fair and packing of materials Fair area
17:30 The art of magic
- Perfomance by Johann Huber (Austria)
18:00 Boses to hotels
Free evening